Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Evaluation of a Year Spent on the Bus!

In 2016 we have achieved goals we would never have dreamed of overcoming: Richard Searle has given value to our songs by publishing in UK, we signed an exclusive contract for Well Suspect Records. Tiziano Rimonti believed in us, realizing our second single for Area Pirata, with a premiere radio broadcast by Gary Crowley at the BBC, Andy Lewis at Soho Radio and dozens and dozens of stations all around the world. A multitude of reviews, all extraordinarily positive and encouraging, appeared on the most important music magazines (Shindig!, Rumore, Jamboree ...) as well as newspapers and blogs, from USA to Japan, from Austria to Brazil. Icing on the cake is the recent publication of the EP "The Mads in Italiano”, original recordings sung in Italian from the ’79/83 Mod revival era. We wish you happy listening! See you next year, a modern year, the year of The Mads album!