Monday 22 August 2016

Announce: The Mads New Single!
On The Bus b/w The Way She Smiles
on Area Pirata & Sexy Groovy Rhythms

The Mads in Austria again!
Many thanks to "Rumble" Gerhard Fluch
Radio FRO 105 & Tiziano Rimonti

Here is the playlist for Rumble on Radio FRO, 105.0 MHZ, Linz, Austria. 
On Air every Monday night 10pm – 11pm (since 1998)
Playlist 08. 08. 2016 (09:00pm – 10:00pm)
BAD BEATS - Knock You Out (Soundflat CD) 
EMBROOKS - Nightmare (State CDS) 
SMOGGERS - Cavegirls Don't Like Your Taste (Soundflat CD) 
EXPLODING EYES - We Need Love (Big Neck CDS) 
DTROIT - The 45 (Crunchy Frog CDS) 
THE MADS - On The Bus (Area Pirata CDS) 
TOWERBROWN - You Told Me A Lie (Screaming Apple CD) 
LOS EXPLOSIVOS - El Mas Cruel - The Crusher (El Beasto CDS) 
WOGGLES - Move (Wicked Cool CD) 
ARROGANTS - Mr. Devil (Dirty Water CD) 
MISSING SOULS - Sweet, Sweet Sadie (State CDS) 
REVELLIONS - Bitter & Twisted (Dirty Water CD) 
LOS TONES - Cry (Groovie CD) 
SATELLITERS - I'm A No Count (Dionysus CD) 
SNAILS - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time (Beluga CD) 
GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENTS - Sock It To Me (Soundflat CD) 
Hear Rumble live at 
or at 
Next chance to hear Rumble: 22. 08. 2016, 09:00pm – 10:00pm, 1 hour of pure music
The show (09pm – 10pm) is archived (mp3) and ready for download at or 

Rumble Radio Show (since 1998) c/o Gerhard Fluch
Schlosswiese 3
A-4100 Ottensheim

Sunday 7 August 2016

The Mads in Österreich!
Many thanks to "Rumble" Gerhard Fluch
and Radio FRO 105

Many thanks to "Rumble" Gerhard Fluch and Radio FRO 105 who played both sides of our new single: "On The Bus" July 11 (play-again unavailable so far) and "The Way She Smiles" July 18.

The Mads - The Way She Smiles @ Radio FRO