Monday, 22 August 2016

The Mads in Austria again!
Many thanks to "Rumble" Gerhard Fluch
Radio FRO 105 & Tiziano Rimonti

Here is the playlist for Rumble on Radio FRO, 105.0 MHZ, Linz, Austria. 
On Air every Monday night 10pm – 11pm (since 1998)
Playlist 08. 08. 2016 (09:00pm – 10:00pm)
BAD BEATS - Knock You Out (Soundflat CD) 
EMBROOKS - Nightmare (State CDS) 
SMOGGERS - Cavegirls Don't Like Your Taste (Soundflat CD) 
EXPLODING EYES - We Need Love (Big Neck CDS) 
DTROIT - The 45 (Crunchy Frog CDS) 
THE MADS - On The Bus (Area Pirata CDS) 
TOWERBROWN - You Told Me A Lie (Screaming Apple CD) 
LOS EXPLOSIVOS - El Mas Cruel - The Crusher (El Beasto CDS) 
WOGGLES - Move (Wicked Cool CD) 
ARROGANTS - Mr. Devil (Dirty Water CD) 
MISSING SOULS - Sweet, Sweet Sadie (State CDS) 
REVELLIONS - Bitter & Twisted (Dirty Water CD) 
LOS TONES - Cry (Groovie CD) 
SATELLITERS - I'm A No Count (Dionysus CD) 
SNAILS - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time (Beluga CD) 
GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENTS - Sock It To Me (Soundflat CD) 
Hear Rumble live at 
or at 
Next chance to hear Rumble: 22. 08. 2016, 09:00pm – 10:00pm, 1 hour of pure music
The show (09pm – 10pm) is archived (mp3) and ready for download at or 

Rumble Radio Show (since 1998) c/o Gerhard Fluch
Schlosswiese 3
A-4100 Ottensheim